Owner's Project Manager

Whether you are a start-up or a well established company, we can help you navigate through the building process so you can focus on your operations. We offer a tailored approach to fit your current and future spatial needs:

Vision Alignment and Planning

Tell us your vision and we will do the rest to push it over the finish line. Keystone has in-house capabilities to draft initial space plans to help determine your company's spatial needs with budget and schedule in mind.

Real Estate Search and Lease Negotiation

Keystone will ensure that potential real estate options meet your company's spatial and infrastructure needs, so that your buildout is on schedule and within budget. Getting us involved in this process will inform the big ticket items to include in your lease negotiations, making sure that you get the best deal possible.

Design Management

Keystone's expertise in design paired with our construction experience enables us to manage the design teams to keep your vision in focus, keeping future buildout costs and timelines to a minimum. We also have the BIM technologies available to review drawings from architects and engineers in detail, making sure there are no loose ends later during the buildout.

Construction Oversight

Keystone's background in construction management enables us to optimize your project's budget and schedule. We also know how to answer tough questions that come up during your buildout, so you don't have to guess.