About Us

Keystone VDC is a pre-construction company - we help you build cheaper and faster by using new construction technologies. The main services we provide are MEP coordination, owner's project management, and architectural design. In all of these, our goal is to save you money and shorten buildout timelines.

The Problem:

With experience on three different sides of the AEC industry, our common finding was the resistance of the industry to adopt new technologies and processes.

The Solution:

This is what drove the creation of Keystone Virtual Design and Construction. Through proper utilization of BIM technologies, we are able to optimize the building process and work seamlessly with the AEC teams. Our process results in less waste and better designed spaces.

Areas We Serve

Based in the Greater Boston Area with the ability to service any need across the entire United States - our services can be engaged remotely anywhere.

What is a Keystone?

A keystone is an architectural term: a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together.

Keystone VDC was born out of this ideology. We aim to be this critical piece in any project, bringing the many facets of design and construction together to operate as one unit.